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ActivePure will provide a pure environment 24/7. Odors won’t be masked over, they’ll be eliminated, and homes smell fresh and clean, not perfumed with the latest scent.


As a member of the U.S. Green Bldg. Council, Krah Health Solutions provides Green solutions for your home as well.


Because ActivePure reduces contaminants that cause odors (not masking them), homes smell fresh and clean. Several products have adjustable purification levels available to customize for each type environment. Each environment is different with a variety of factors: smoke, pets, number of people, cooking trends, locale. It also eliminates smoke and reduces harmful contaminants or pollutants that typical cleaning agents leave behind. As the technology circulates throughout the home, it will also help keep air ducts and filters more purified.

Humidity Consideration

ActivePure requires at least 30% humidity to provide this dry Hydrogen Peroxide. If you live in a dry area (like Arizona), you may need to purchase a humidifier to keep the humidity at an optimal level. Something to keep in mind.

Mold Remediation


ActivePure has been used for over a decade for mold remediation as well as flood and fire restoration purposes. Bleach will eventually evaporate, leaving behind moisture that quickly attracts mold spores and the process starts over again. To keep mold at bay, ActivePure kills spores as well, keeping the house fresh and clean. It’s best to have the units on 24/7 for continual decontamination. It has long been used for disaster relief efforts and excels at killing a multitude of toxins and allergens that lie in the wake of hurricanes and has a proven history turning those environments back into healthy living spaces.

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