Pathogen Resistant Interiors with ActivePure

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Malley Industries goes Upstream with their “Pathogen Resistant Interiors” utilizing ActivePure Technology.


Krah Health Solutions is honored to be a critical part of helping to protect First Responders against viruses and other pathogens.  Instead of reacting after the fact, Malley Industries goes upstream to handle pathogens before they become an issue by installing the Induct 500 as part of their strategy to take preventative measures. “Upstream Healthcare” is gaining ground as companies target the source of issues before they become problematic. With 24/7 coverage in the air and on surfaces, ActivePure literally explodes the shell of pathogens on contact where they first appear (at the door of the ambulance or ER) and continues to decontaminate the entire space while occupied. Prevention is key, and we are proud to be part of Malley’s preventive measures during this current crisis.


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