How It Works

ActivePure Technology

ActivePure Technology was developed to effectively control odor causing bacteria, harmful contaminants  and molds on surfaces and in the air. The ActivePure (AP) Cell is a unique and proprietary system at the heart of our indoor air quality technology. This advanced technology sends out purifying agents to actively purify these the air and surfaces attacking contaminants and irritants at the source of the problem. In addition to the air quality benefits. It has the added potential benefit to provide energy-sensitive solutions over other designs.

The ActivePure® Cell

ActivePure technology utilizes shortwave UV light to illuminate a “target” surface. The target is a honeycomb matrix treated with a proprietary photocatalytic coating consisting of Titanium Dioxide and a few transition metals to enhance the overall catalytic effect.

Clinically Proven to Dramatically Reduce Contaminants

  • Including MRSA, Strep & Viruses
  • SARS-CoV-2 (Coronavirus)
  • Surface & Air Contamination Reduction
  • University Tested Active Technology
  • Airborne Particulate Control
  • Odor Control & Removal
  • Smoke Remediation/Elimination

Indoor Air Quality Concerns

Particles Including Sub-Microns

Pathogens (Mold, Odor Causing Bacteria)

VOC Gasses (Volatile Organic Compounds)

In order to adequately address these concerns, these contaminants must be addressed AT THE SOURCE

Active vs. Passive Technology

Active (ActivePure)

  • Aggressive Pro-active Approach
  • Attacks Bacteria Effectively
  • Technology relies on air current to take it to the source of the issue
  • Travels through fabrics to treat contaminants harboring in seat cushions and tight spots where disinfectants/wipes cannot reach
  • Many products also incorporate ionization which takes care of particles under .003 microns, helping them drop out of your breathing space and get to the filters.

Passive (Filters, UV, Ionizers, Scrubbers)

  • Unassertive Inactive Approach
  • Air is required to pass through a unit or near a UV bulb to be treated
  • Filters can themselves become a source of pollution – having limited effect on VOCs, odors, indoor pollutants, molds and mildew
  • Virtually impossible for all air to pass through the system

Comparative Analysis – Update Pending

ActivePure Technology

Aggressive Non-Toxic Approach

Germicidal UV

Passive Approach

Fogging/Misting Systems

Aggressive Toxic Approach
Continuous Micro-biocidal & Sporicidal Activity Germicidal UV-C Technology Chloride-Dioxide, Hydrogen Peroxide Vapor, etc.
Surface & Equipment Decontamination Down Time Required Terminal Room Cleaning Only
Airborne Particle Decontamination (VOCs) Up to 10 – 30% Effectiveness in Reducing EIPs Down time required
Daily Continual Treatment while Occupied Use in Unoccupied Spaces Only Repeated treatments required
Up to >90% Effectiveness in Reducing EIPs Terminal Room Cleaninng Only Uses chemicals and other toxins – unhealthy to breathe
No Toxic By-Products or Residue Repeated Treatments Necessary
No Training or Dedicated Staff Needed Not Effective against Odors
No Down Time – Minutes to Install Passive Technology – relies on contaminants to be “seen” by the UV light
Degrades Toxic Chemicals (Formaldehyde, etc.) Deactivates bacteria (bacteria can reactivate)
Reduces Employee Absenteeism due to Illness UV will lose effectiveness the further away contaminants are from the light
Effective on Soft Surfaces & Fabrics Oft times manufactured overseas
Eco-Friendly & Encourages LEED Certification Points Longer lead times (sometimes several months)
Variety of Products handle small rooms or entire facilities (up to 80,000 cu ft per unit)
Certified Space Technology – 2017 Hall of Fame Inductee
Low Maintenance & Operating Costs (incl 3 yr. warranty)
All products available with or without low traces of Ozone
Sanitizes Air Ducts
Equally effective anywhere in the room or vehicle
Manufactured in America. Typical lead time 5 – 7 business days
More than a Decade of Proven Global History
SMACNA Award Winner

ActivePure Benefits

  • Proprietary System – Can use in Occupied Spaces
  • Non-detectable Purifying Agents – No Chemicals
  • 24/7 Coverage
  • Dramatically Reduces Contaminants at the Source
  • No Down Time – Easy to Install
  • Low Maintenance
  • Energy Sensitive Solutions
  • Cost Effective
  • In-duct Placement or Portable “Plug ‘n Play” Units
  • Made in America – Typical Lead Time 5-7 Business Days

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