Angling for Air, Surface Viral Warfare

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Here’s how to evaluate products, technology for cleaning, disinfection in COVID-19 era


“While clinicians and administrators continue to carry out their duties and responsibilities as the pandemic slogs on through the start of another year, they now more than ever must count and rely on Supply Chain expertise to evaluate devices, products and technologies to make more informed buying decisions.

“To help Healthcare Purchasing News readers become more informed purchasers of air and surface cleaning and disinfection devices and products, HPN recruited more than a dozen executives with varying backgrounds in infection prevention, medicine and sterile processing at 12 of the leading companies that supply ultraviolet light devices and equipment and advanced clinical formula disinfectants (products generally inaccessible to the general public and instead targeted for healthcare organizations) to share useful and valuable insights.”


Space-age technology can confirm COVID-19, other virus kills

“Beth Krah, CEO, The Krah Corp. dba Krah Health Solutions, thinks that [UV-C and misting systems] may be too limiting and questions whether [they are] the optimal solution during and after the COVID-19 era. What if there’s a third choice?

“’We work with the knowledge and technology we have available at any given time,’ Krah told Healthcare Purchasing News. ‘But technology has come a long way since treating with UV-C and chemicals… Infection Control and healthcare communities as a whole are now looking for something that can be used real-time, constantly, without the need to shut down an area for treatment.”


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