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Used on the International Space Station, ActivePure® can be up and running within minutes, whether easily installed into the HVAC system, or by using portable units.


Whether in shelters, on the sea, or in the close quarters of a mobile hospital tent camp, ActivePure works around the clock to control the spread of influenzas and other viruses and bacteria (including SARS-CoV-2) that frequent those areas. With the added benefit of significant odor control, it helps keep the crew breathing easier and cuts down on sick time. ActivePure will also help reduce the spread of a multitude of viruses or contaminants brought on board by others, whether comrades, victims of a disaster or refugees.


In parts of the Middle East, Nitrogen Oxide and Sulphur Dioxide can be at outrageous levels compared to EPA standards (NO2 – 52 ppm vs. EPA’s standard of 0.053 ppm). When dealing with constant toxic trash and waste fires, the toxins create extreme hazardous conditions which significantly attributing to respiratory distress, cancers and early death. ActivePure has done extremely well in their offices and living quarters, resulting in better sleep and a reduction in the amount of infections amoung the troops.


While supporting military exercises on site at mobile tent camps, ActivePure rose to the challenge of keeping troops healthy throughout multi-week exercises. Quick to conquer the odors of showers tents and the off-gassing of new vinyl, ActivePure allowed exercises to continue without any sickness within the camp, a feat not accomplished previously.


As members of the US Green Bldg. Council, using ActivePure Technology also helps promote LEED Certification points.


Cage Code: 78X75


NAICS Codes: 333413, 335210, 423850, 425120

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