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“The solution is in getting the chemistry from the catalytic action out to where the offending microorganisms and particles are hiding. One leading filtering firm, Aerus [activTek Environmental’s parent company] invested over $10 million in acquiring and developing space technologies to create practical Earth based systems that can do just that. Their Active Pure Technology (a variant of Radiant Catalytic Ionization) system utilizes ambient moisture in the air to release hydroxyls and hydrogen peroxide from the PCO process into the air. Research shows that in addition to taking down airborne organics, these molecules settle on room surfaces where they effectively neutralize germs.

“Recognizing Aerus’ significant investment in the commercialization of this NASA technology, the Space Foundation recently inducted the firm and its founder into the Space Technology Hall of Fame, a great tool for highlighting the contribution space makes to our economy.”

– Greg Autry, Forbes Contributor

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