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Effectiveness in Reducing Emerging Infections Programs (EIPs) – Up to %

Ultraviolet (UV/UV-C)
Hydrogen Peroxide Vapor (HPV)
ActivePure® (RCI)

Who We Are

Located just outside Atlanta, Krah Health Solutions (formerly activTek Health Solutions) is dedicated to providing a higher standard of infection control with excellence and integrity utilizing ActivePure Technology. Special focus includes EMS/Fire, Disaster Preparedness/Response, Healthcare, and our Military.


ActivePure® is a continuous air decontamination system generating a non-toxic dry Hydrogen Peroxide that is disbursed throughout the environment via air circulation. Proven to dramatically reduce molds, mildews, bacteria and viruses, incl. MRSA & Staph. High quality products are available for OEMs, upgrades to in-service ambulances and rescue vehicles, as well as fire stations, medical facilities, temporary/permanent shelters, MCI’s, disaster relief efforts and mortuary response. Having been utilized around the globe in the HVAC and residential communities for over a decade, Krah Health Solutions now brings this proven solution for a healthy environment into the medical community, benefiting patients and staff.


Manufacturer activTek Environmental has the supply chain and manufacturing depth to perform against large orders within current capabilities. Some products may have different lead times, but all items can be scheduled to support aggressive delivery schedules to meet contractual requirements.


ActivePure® Technology:

NASA Space Technology Hall of Fame Inductee (Apr. 2017)

Published in The Journal of Environmental Science and Technology (Jan. 2007)


Member: APIC, AMSUS, AUSA, FAMA, GIPN, NAEMT & the U.S. Green Bldg. Council


Beth Krah, Owner & CEO 
The Krah Corporation, LLC

770-686-4015 (main)

770-354-8948 (cell)


As founder of The Krah Corporation, Beth has been serving First Responders since 2009. Previously employed by Solvay Pharmaceuticals in their Quality Assurance/Quality Control group, she has enjoyed many years of providing support for Leadership. That passion for support and customer service is of utmost importance for her role in serving her customers and keeping them healthy so they can focus on the pressing needs of saving the lives of others.


Born in Allentown PA, and an alumnus of Moody Bible Institute, Beth has a love for the Philadelphia Eagles, Birch Beer and the ’85 Chicago Bears. Hobbies include Cuckoo clock repair, wood carving, photography, music and writing. Publications include articles for The ASHA Leader and NAMI-NYC Metro. Refusing to think inside any box, she relishes pushing the boundaries and defying the norm.


Her “Uncle Newt” (Newton Thomas Enloe) was the physician and surgeon in 1901 to the Sierra Logging Company (West Branch) near Chico, CA and creator of the first log flume ambulance. He founded the Enloe Hospital in 1913, which is now known as the Enloe Medical Center – the largest and busiest hospital in California north of Sacramento. His passion to serve his community over 100 yrs ago only grows stronger as Beth focuses on serving her customers with honesty and integrity.


Sue Serio
Vice President


Jennifer Skidmore
Customer Relations


Melissa L. Colcord, MPH
Public Health Account Manager

“Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible.“
- Frank Zappa

“When I am in the presence of God, it seems profoundly unbecoming to demand anything.”
– Francis Schaeffer

“The size of your dreams must always exceed your current capacity to achieve them. If your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough.”
– Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

Our History

Ever the skeptic of hype and claims, Beth spent several months investigating ActivePure® Technology and its potential benefits. Studying vast amounts of documents, tests, and publications supporting the efficacy of ActivePure®, and testing it in a variety of situations, she found that not only did ActivePure® have the desired affects, it had bonus results (i.e. breathing/sleeping better, clearer skin, pets’ respiratory issues improved, etc.).


Further investigation showed that its dry Hydrogen Peroxide base is attracted to bacteria and viruses and instantaneously explodes the shell on contact – not just deactivates them like UV/UV-C technology. Bacteria and viruses can reactivate, a fact not much talked about. Learning that ActivePure dramatically reduced absenteeism in schools (by >75%), she realized the great benefit for patients and staff and thus began her passion to serve.

Areas of Service Include


Conference Centers

Correctional Facilities

Disaster Preparedness/Relief/Rebuild

Educational Facilities

Government Contracts

Hospital/Healthcare Facilities

Long Term Care Facilities

Military Facilities


Summer Camps

Transportation Vehicles

What Our Partners Say

"Mercy EMS has been using Krah Health Solutions for almost a decade now. Our new and remounted ambulance specs were updated to include installation of the AP5 device. We made this decision following the testing by our Infection Control dept. of the patient compartment and the various equipment. It was obvious based on that testing that we could improve and the AP5 was a quick and achievable solution. We realized immediate improvement in our ambulances with the technology installed. The AP5 works quickly and is appreciated by our co-workers who feel better about the working environment in our ambulances. I would recommend Beth Krah and her team to an EMS agency considering improvement methods for their ambulances as it relates to infection control."

Bob Patterson, Executive Director
MERCY EMS - Springfield

"We were absolutely blown away by the effects of ActivePure. Very impressive, especially in the shower tent. We noticed a great improvement in only 30 minutes!"

Western Shelter Systems
Navy SEALs/Special Ops Training Exercise

"Beth is awesome, is always willing to work with and support her customers. We have been using ActivePure Technology in our ambulances since 2013, and are very impressed with the results."

Brad Mackey
Paramedic, Field Supervisor
Mercy EMS Camden County

"I am a profession potter who suffers from a rare lung disease. The Pulmonologist wanted me to be protected from the dust from working with clay and the FreshAir Cube was the perfect solution for the studio. After a couple weeks, at my pulmonary function test, my lung capacity was up unexpectedly by almost 10%. I’m sleeping much better, waking up less and feeling more rested throughout the day. And for the first time in ages, I didn’t catch a cold from the grandchildren when they came for the weekend.”"

Ellen McCorkle
Potter for 50 yrs

"We're proud to have raised the standard for pro-active infection control in the ambulances we up fit and remount. We are putting AP5s in our in-stock remounted ambulances as a value-added feature that will positively affect the work environment for Paramedics and EMTs. We encourage all of our customers to take advantage of this system for the health of their employees and their patients."

Dave Shuell, Remount Project Manager
Emergency Vehicles Plus

"What a great job Beth has done for our organization. She was very professional and knowledgeable as we work to resolve our issue. I highly recommend Beth."

Ken O'Kelley, Vice President
YMCA Camping Services

"The biggest improvement I noticed was in my Containerized Housing Unit (CHU). These metal 10’ x 10’ boxes have no ventilation and the staleness and odors can be unbearable. I no longer have to place my electric fan in the doorway to blow in air from the outside, not an ideal situation considering the burn pits all over the city."

Lt. Col. Stephen Kirby, U.S. Army

"The Krah Corporation and the ActivePure Technology they supply have worked as promised. Having installed and tested in ambulances we found their product performed as they promised."

Fred Schimmel
American Emergency Vehicles

Benefits & Differentiators

In-duct Placement

Portable Units

Non-toxic, Safe to Breathe

Easy to Install

Cost Effective

Continuous Treatment

Energy Sensitive Solutions

Green Technology

Made In America


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  • BraunBraun
  • Demers AmbulancesDemers Ambulances
  • EV PlusEV Plus
  • ExcellanceExcellance
  • First Line TechFirst Line Tech
  • Foster CoachFoster Coach
  • HortonHorton
  • KodiakKodiak
  • Life LineLife Line
  • McCoy MillerMcCoy Miller
  • Miller CoachMiller Coach
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  • Road RescueRoad Rescue
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  • Southeastern Emergency EquipmentSoutheastern Emergency Equipment
  • Western ShelterWestern Shelter
  • Wheeled CoachWheeled Coach



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